Protective Coating

Protective Coating is to protect all structure from all weather and corrosions. Protective Coating is not only to protect but also to prevent damage so the surface of structure could be long lasting. The quality of Kansai Paint was proven has excellent protection for building and structure such as multi-storey buildings , apartments , bridges , public roads , construction of factories , smokestacks , construction of offshore.

Products of Protective Coating :
In order for the property and construction can be longer lasting and durable, the painting needs to be done with the correct painting process.

Painting Process
a.    Primer Coat
b.    Undercoat
c.    Finish Coat

Primer  Coat is first step as protective to protect the surface of the property and structure, to get the excellent of final result.

Kansai Paint provide many kind of Primer coats could be use to protect for all kind of surface such as metal, aluminium, concrete and others

Apply correct prime coat on the right surface could make the excellent final result.

Choice of Primer Coat :

1. Etching Primer
2. Shop Primer Coat
3. Pre Construction Zinc Rich Primer
4. Oil & Alkyd Anti Corrosive Primer
5. Chlorinated Rubber Paint Primer
6. Catalized Epoxy primer
7. Epoxy Tank Coating

Under Coat
Kansai Paint provide Undercoat as second coat after primer, undercoat also known as intermediate coat or body coa.

Choice of  cat Undercoat :
1.  Alkyd Enamel
2.  Chlorinated Rubber Paint
3.  Catalized Epoxy Paint
4. Epoxy Tank Coating

Finish Coat
After apply Primer coat and Undercoat should apply Finish coat to make sure the property and structure have got total protection against weather and provide added value aesthetically.

Choice of Finish Coat
1. Coaltar Epoxy
2. Alkyd Enamel
3. Aluminium Paint
4. Polyurethane Paint
5. Chlorinated Rubber Paint
6. Micaceous Iron Oxide Paint
7. Catalized Epoxy Paint
8. Epoxy Tank Coating

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